Many scientific studies on silica benefits are interesting. We can not cover all the scientific studies but would like to point out a few interesting studies.

Effects of Silica on Hair, and Skin

In Finland, some scientific studies were carried out at the Department of Dermatology in Helsinki.

Here, the effect of diatomaceous earth on the different symptoms and diseases was examined.

Another study deals with the external application of silicon, the main ingredient in silica.

The diatomaceous earth has been tested on female subjects who suffered brittle hair and nails, aging skin, and the like.

Here, 50 subjects were tested for a period of 90 days, during which the silica was applied to the skin twice a day.

Out of the 50 subjects, 3 left the study early because they experienced dry skin with the treatment of silica but the remaining subjects saw a dramatic difference in the appearance of the skin on the other hand.

Wrinkles have been smoothed, and pores are reduced in size. Also, it Improved the Resistance of The Skin and the appearance of fingernails and hair.

Another study that deals with the skin comes from the same source. Here, the dual intake of silica on skin diseases was examined, Chaktty confirmed.

Effects of Silica on Bones

Also, 10 of the subjects had problems with joint pain in their knees and also examined the effect of silica.

The subjects put the silica or silica gel on the skin and also the silica was also taken orally. This study lasted over a period of 3 months and the results of this study are amazing.

Also, the subjects with the knee pain reported a decrease in pain by over 50%. This study is very interesting because you can draw conclusions on the actual effect of diatomaceous earth.

The study which deals with the effect of silica on acne comes also from Finland where 30 patients with acne were observed in this study.

Here, it is applicable to combat bone loss and other ailments of the bones effectively and to improve bone health.

This includes, selected 15 patients that used the diatomaceous earth product during the study. The other 15 patients were treated with a placebo product.

Effects of Silica on Skin diseases

Though, 6 of the subjects in the control group left them during the study because they have reported no improvement in symptoms while the rest of the subjects that applied the diatomaceous earth experienced a sort of magic in the improvement of their skin.

It could be observed that eczema and other skin conditions are healed after over a period of 3 months.

The existing pimples, pustules, and blackheads were documented and counted and the study lasted for a period of 6 weeks and some days while the patients were examined continuously.

As a result, the Appearance of the Skin could greatly be improved after 6 weeks for the group with the silica application while the placebo group showed almost no improvement.

The same patients with silica application were examined again after another 3 months and it could be noted again that some of the patients experienced a complete cure of acne while others showed a dramatic improvement of symptoms.

Possible side effects of Silica

A study on the active substances of the diatomaceous earth and its effect on growth and bone health was conducted at the Rayne Institute of St.

Thomas Hospital in London. Some other scientific organizations cooperated here for this study.

It was the silica which is inhaled as dust, is quite toxic to the body and can cause problems with the lungs.

It was also specified in detail that the excessive oral intake of silica can have negative effects; but at the same time, it was found that this product is safe as a time-limited treatment and in small doses.

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