Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives and Connect us to our Family, friends, and the world. While mobiles are handy in daily life, you may face an issue when your phone gets activated automatically and a message of accidental touch protection appears on your mobile screen. Let us tell you why it happens and give a brief knowledge about it.

Please Note: In this blog, we are talking about Samsung devices only. 

What Is Accidental Touch Protection?

To learn why your phone is showing accidental touch protection, it’s important to know, what is it. We would like to describe it for you. So, Smartphone users sometimes find their devices getting activated and functioning automatically. It is known as an accidental touch and can result in unwanted battery drainage or making phone calls causing unpleasant consequences. Accidental touch protection is a feature that prevents such activities on your smartphone. Some mobile brands have included accidental touch protection in their devices. They differ according to brand, meaning IOS Accidental touch protection won’t be the same as Android’s. Talking about how this feature works, it blocks keystrokes, pressure, and other contacts that can activate the phone without intention. 

Reasons For Displaying Accidental Touch Protection

When you face an accidental touch issue in your phone, you probably can’t control it. In this situation, a message pops up on your mobile screen indicating the problem. Let’s check out why your phone is displaying an accidental touch protection message. 

  1. Software problem

One of the common reasons for displaying the message could be a software problem in your mobile phone. These software problems can be screen freezing, device not turning on, apps crashing, slow performance, and battery drainage. 

  1. Touch Sensors Failing

Sometimes touch sensors of mobile screens fail because of removing memory and SIM and inserting them later. In this situation, the mobile user can see the message popping up on the mobile screen. 

  1. Making Aware Of Activity

When people go somewhere while putting their mobile phones in their pockets or bags, there are slight chances of facing accidental touch. In such situations, the displayed message lets you know the problem and saves you from possible consequences. 


How to Manage Accidental Touch Protection:

Accidental touch protection may be useful, but can also be problematic if not managed correctly. If this feature is on, you can face problems activating their devices in dark places. On the other hand, if the feature is disabled, you could face automatic activation and other issues. So, it’s important to know, how to disable and enable the feature. Scroll down and learn how to do so. 

Enabling The Accidental Touch Feature

If you face accidental touch issues on your phone, you probably like to enable this feature. Scroll down and learn how to enable the accidental touch feature. 

First of all, unlock your mobile and find the setting option from the menu or by scrolling down the notification bar. 

Click on the settings option and find the display option from the displayed options.

Click on the display option, scroll down, and search for the accidental touch feature between the displayed options. 

Once you find the option click on it so that it turns blue from white, and the feature is enabled on your device. 

Disabling The Accidental Touch Feature

If you have the feature enabled on your mobile but are Facing Some Problems, you would like to disable it. It is similar to enabling the feature, but for better understanding, scroll down and learn how to disable it. 

Unlock your mobile device and click open the setting option from the menu. You can also find the setting option at the top of the notification bar.

When you click the settings option, a page will open displaying connection, sound & vibration, display, themes, wallpaper, etc. Here, click on the display option.

When your mobile screen displays multiple options, scroll down and find the accidental touch protection option. 

After finding the option, you can see a blue button on the right. Click on it, so that it turns white, and the feature will be disabled. 


Smartphone users sometimes find their mobile getting activated automatically and making some Unwanted Actions. The Accidental touch protection feature blocks such activities and helps people. Some mobile brands have added it to their devices. The feature also has some disadvantages, so it’s important to know, how to enable or disable it. Let us know if you have used accidental touch protection by dropping a comment.

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