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Healthcare is one of those core professions, that has played a big role in getting immigrants the kind of jobs they deserve. It is like a housing sector which has a lot of jobs in its kitty. Also, when you have a job in healthcare you can apply for Canada PR visa.

Many of the workers which is 1 out 4 of them belong to immigrant nations, especially India. Canada needs them in huge numbers, which is why their category-based express entry draws target healthcare. Out of this 35% of them are orderlies and nurse aides.

Dentists and dental technologists are the maximum rising to 39% and 54%. By this, you might have got an idea how to find jobs in Canada from India as a healthcare professional. Many including over 500,000 workers go much beyond the age of 55.

So you see, there will always be a demand for health and social assistance. Because in the future Canada wants to strengthen their workforce in the healthcare department. Nursing and residential care staff are the kind of medical personnel who are in constant need.

Their presence helps the sustaining of the Health Infrastructure and gives them the required support to function with efficiency. Back from the year between 2011 to 2016, Canada witnesses the largest number of immigrants from healthcare coming and settling here.

But what we do not how language plays such a pivotal role when you are employed in Canada as a medical practitioner. Besides the importance of a license and registration, you need a minimum IELTS score for Canada PR as well.

Looking at the minimum IELTS score for Healthcare jobs:

1. Surgeons

Now, this is the top healthcare job in Canada, for which many Indians apply. Since this comes under the NOC A level of jobs you need a minimum IELTS score for Canada PR as an overall of 7 across all 4 bands.

These are reading, writing, speaking, and listening, In case you need to know the specific requirements to apply for a Canada PR visa connect with the Medical Council. Even your CLB is targeted at being at 7 and the same if for the NCLC.

High-grade medical professions like these naturally demand a higher IELTS score than the rest. Just scoring a minimum of 6.0 to 6.5 will not be enough when you apply as a surgeon in Canada. Because you will have to do a lot of communication, diagnosis, and research to do,

2. Nurses

Being a nurse in Canada can offer you the best pay package and also an opportunity to apply for Canada PR visa. But is that enough? Being a registered or a licensed practical nurse will also need you to submit your overall IELTS score.

For nurses, it is the same with CLB and NCLC 7. Just aim at getting this much score to claim points on your PR and CRS points calculator. Because maximum score allotment is given for language proficiency, missing this can put a dent in your total points.

For those who are nurses, the requirement is 7 for speaking, 7.5 for Listening, 6.5 for Reading,7 for Writing, and an overall total of 7. But because it is permanent residency, getting a minimum of 67 is also a must. But, yes having a strong language score can boost these points as well.

3. Pharmacists

Even this Medical Profession stands among the top healthcare jobs desired by immigrants. Even the demand for pharmacists is on the rise, especially in Canadian provinces like Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

Under this well-paid job, you cannot expect just a 6.0 but aim for a 7.0, especially across each of the sections. But your language conditions also depend on the Canadian province you are applying. Each one has their own.

You need to speak much, and prescribe medications and listening needs you to know how to be fluent across all the bands of IELTS. This is the reason you cannot do away with the language fluency. Because this is a must.

4. Medical Laboratory Technologists

For any job that is highly valued and respected in Canada, we cannot miss the designation of Medical Laboratory, What they need as a minimum IELTS score for Canada PR comes to 6 as an overall score and a 5.5 in each of the components.

If you are someone who wishes to study for being a medical laboratory technologist it is the same as 6.0 across all of the bands. But this goes up when it comes to the CLB which needs you to score 7 and the same for the French language as well.

But as mentioned before, just check your IELTS score according to the Canadian territory or province, Depends if you are applying through either an express entry immigration program or provincial nominee program.

5. Occupational Therapists

This is another in-demand healthcare profession in Canada. The difference in IELTS scores is according to the province since regulatory bodies generally have a high score requirement. Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) is one of the organizations, that has their own set of language requirements.

You need to have an overall band score of 7.0. For Listening it is 7.0, Reading it is 7.0, for writing it is 6.5 and for speaking it comes to 7.0. COTO needs a total average score of 7.0. But, the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia needs different scores.


Have a wish to practice in Canada as a medical professional? If yes, then you can go ahead but do not forget to score well in your IELTS exam. For guidance and assistance, you can always connect with Nationwide Visassince they are the best immigration consultants in Mumbai.


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