Is Canada a good place for engineering?


Wondering do engineering and Canada sit together? Of course, they do, especially immigrants who have the Right Skills and Experience. They are in need in almost all sectors and have a job profile that suits every industry. 

Right from environmental tech, and communication to manufacturing to Information technology,

there is no place where engineers will not be hired. Over 100, 000 engineers shall be in demand according to the reports of Engineers Canada.

Even mid-level and intermediate levels are being called by Canada to fill the labor gaps in different sectors. Since graduates are still too young to fill these jobs, overseas-trained engineers are being called via Canada immigration

Those who are licensed comprise 12 percent of the people who move to Canada. Much of their demand is because of infrastructure as there is an ongoing expansion of the economy. Even projects for construction need a high number of engineers.

Do we see a rise in the need for Engineers in Canada?

If Doctors and nurses are in constant need in many of the provinces in Canada, engineers are among the top ones.  Petroleum engineers, civil and electrical as well as software engineers have perked up in recent years. In the coming times, there will be an upward surge only in these occupations. Even aerospace engineering is one of the branches which has witnessed more demand among Canadian employers.

Since engineering is a regulated profession which needs you to be licensed. This is either by provincial or territorial bodies present in Canada. You need to work under a senior engineer who trains you in your job. This is because you working in Canada, is different from working in your home country.

In Ontario alone over 7,000 mechanical engineers were employed by the province. After all when you immigrate as a mechanical engineer. Over 700 electrical engineers were also required in the upcoming 10 years.

Many look to immigrate as Mechanical Engineers and civil ones in different provinces due to this reason. Around 12,000 computer engineers were also in demand specifically working on the design of computer systems, finance, and manufacturing as well.

Different paths for engineering immigrating to Canada in 2024 

If you are an overseas engineer, the good news is that many routes are open for you to choose from. Because as we have seen, the nation needs qualified and licensed engineers more than ever. After all, they need to combat a rise in the aging population and heightening retirements

  1. Express entry program 

Through category-based express entry draw provinces are targeting engineers. What the use of these draws is to tackle the shortage of engineers experienced across Canada. If you have enough work experience in a specific engineering field.

These draws can target you for permanent residency. Those who are engineers come under the field of STEM category. These are professions related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Some of the top ones are civil engineers, electronics, Metallurgical and Materials, and Industrial and Manufacturing as well.

Ensure that you adhere to the basic qualification requirements of express entry.

  1. Provincial Nominee programs 

PNPs call for more workers since they need to meet the economic needs of their province. And, this is specific to certain professions only. Every PNP has a list of jobs that have a high chances of getting a nomination.

In British Columbia itself, 7 engineering jobs have been targeted. But make sure you meet the fundamental criteria just like Express entry. To be targeted for nominations for Canada immigration this is a must.

  1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program 

Both the ESDC and IRCC have started this program in a joint initiative. Since Canadian employers are in constant need of international workers the TFWP helps them to take care of real labour demand.

Many engineers apply through this, as an indirect way to gain permanent residence. Many closed work permits are issued to particular kinds of employers. This is because of the urgent need, but keep in mind that preference is given to those who are citizens and PRs.

As an engineer, you can apply for a work permit through this program type. Because there is such a rise in requirements for engineers in the workforce. Overseas job seekers who are successful in getting a job can even secure a positive or even a neutral LMIA.

  1. International Mobility Program (IMP)

Most of the social, economic, and cultural policies are enhanced by this IMP program. It helps in the employment of newcomers and building their international ties with the global community. Two of the streams, via which engineers can apply under this stream are

  1. Canada-United States-and-Mexico Alliance (CUSMA)
  2. Stream for Intra-Company Transferees


Want to Immigrate as Mechanical Engineers or electrical or software one? This is the right time as Canada is in great need of those who are internationally trained engineering professionals. So, come try your luck and find a permanent place to reside.


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