In the year that just ended as many as 1.8 million people in the UK alone searched for Invisalign providers near them across the virtual web. This cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth has so far successfully transformed smile of over 20 million people worldwide. There is no other Teeth-Straightening Procedure or technology that is anywhere popular to it. Even your neighbourhood dentist can help people enhancing their smiles with Invisalign and for that the professional has to become a qualified Invisalign provider.

The Invisalign Certification is suitable for general dentists who provide treatments covering various disciplines of modern dentistry. The course lasts 180 days and proves to be as exciting as one can imagine! Align Technology is the actual force behind the cutting-edge teeth straightening technology called Invisalign. Once the course gets over, the Align Technology takes up the entire responsibility of providing continued support to a certified Invisalign provider. This support comes in various forms including webinars, one to one with a clinical specialist, study events and others. Moreover there are digital tools to support the Invisalign journeys of patients better.

Invisalign goes smoothly with a range of restorative dentistry procedures like dental crowns, implants, bridges, composite bonding and others. A certified Invisalign provider receives extensive guidance in form of education, consistent support, clinical expertise, resources on development of practice and much more from Align Technology. Quality support and guidance provided by Align Technology help dentists include clear aligners into comprehensive dental treatments they provide. Effort provided by Align Technology also helps enhancing the relationship between patients and dentists. Invisalign treatment also increases the number of new patients in the practices says a dentist who provides Cheap Invisalign in London.

Align Technology hires territorial managers who are responsible to take dentists through all-round Invisalign journey step by step. These dentists may or may not be certified Invisalign providers. They may have information to gather about the course, find out about any new course or may be looking forward to joining refresher courses. To cut a long story short, Align Technology never shies away from helping dentists know and unearth more about the Invisalign teeth straightening technology.

Now let us try addressing a common query asked by thousands time and again.

Can I get Invisalign braces on the NHS?

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic braces systems in the world and it uses a series of custom fitted clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. Unlike convention braces these clear plastic ones are easily removable. Invisalign is the pioneer for the first clear aligners in the world. The effective procedure has already improved smile of innumerable millions across the globe and the number is still counting. Invisalign aligner trays remain virtually invisible in the mouth and offers greater level of comfort and convenience compared to traditional braces. It offers Discreet Treatment; no one can know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment unless you disclose about it. The removable aligners impose no dietary restriction on you during the entire course of treatment. Moreover it affects your normal lifestyle very feebly, if at all. A dentist who deals with Invisalign in London over the years says this revolutionary teeth-straightening system even allows you to brush and floss normally and maintain optimum oral hygiene throughout the tenure of your treatment.

NHS funding and braces treatment

The NHS is funded by the public and as such its funding for various dental works is little complicated. The objective of the NHS is although simple; it is there to help patients enhance their oral health and not cater to dental cosmetic treatments that are meant to improve aesthetic appeal and appearances. Based on this simple approach the NHS does not offer any option for clear braces treatments.

The NHS also has a tool named the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need or IOTN which is worth mentioning. By virtue of this tool NHS funds orthodontic care for patients below 18 years. If a patient within the mentioned age group meets the already predetermined criteria according to the judgement of a dentist or an orthodontist then NHS funding is available for the treatment. Dentists and orthodontists make this decision on basis of the IOTN index.

By virtue of this index a patient’s smile is graded within the range of 1 to 5 and this determines the individual’s eligibility for proposed orthodontic care explains one of the best Invisalign dentists London. How? Let us find that out in the segment below.

Invisalign treatment and NHS funding

Usually adults do not qualify for orthodontic care on the NHS although exceptions are there. But these exceptions are very few. If an adult is in extreme need for some kind of orthodontic care or the other then the case may be approved for NHS funding only after a thorough analysis. These exceptional approvals are granted based on individual cases explains one of the best Invisalign London providers. In simpler words this means irrespective of your age the NHS would rather approve funding for conventional metal braces than for Invisalign aligners.

The NHS is completely public-funded and in addition to that it works on a relatively small budget. Thus they are restricted to use materials that are good, reliable and at the same time are also cost effective. Traditional metal braces made of metal are still one of the best appliances to straighten the teeth. Moreover these metal braces are also much budget friendly compared to any other modern teeth straightening approach including Invisalign. This makes it the obvious choice for NHS orthodontic treatments.

Metal braces are highly effective in straightening your teeth and enhancing your smile but those are not appealing for the majority of people. This is the reason why orthodontists and dentists working in the renowned Chatfield Dental Braces, invisalign London suggest people to seek private orthodontic treatment if they are considering Invisalign NHS.

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