Select the installation method

There are currently three installation methods for child Safe and Comfortable seat, namely:


A new standard system for securing child safety seats used in Europe and China. It includes two rigid connection points on the vehicle, two suitable rigid connection devices on the child restraint system (=safety seat), and anti-rollover devices (such as pull-up straps, support legs, etc.). Three fixed points form a stable triangle.


standard system for securing child safety seats used in the United States. It is the interface between the lower fastener and the tether used by children. It originated in the United States and is the fixation method of American standard safety seats.

That is, two rigid connection points on the car + two soft connection devices on the matching child safety seat + pull-up straps.

Safety Belts:

Use the car’s safety belt to secure the child safe and comfortable seat. The advantage is that the production cost is low and the model can be universal. The disadvantages are also obvious, such as the seat belt being difficult to tighten and shake during installation, and the fixed rear seat angle being inconvenient to adjust.

And it is easy to loosen after long-term use. Generally used on older models without other interfaces.

I prefer the ISOFIX installation method because it has three fixing points, two ISOFIX connection points and one anti-turning fixing point.

This fixed point is usually in the form of a pull-up strap or a support leg, and I prefer the support leg form. It is more stable and does not interfere with the rotation function. If you buy a rotatable safety seat, please look for a safe and comfortable seat with supporting legs. In addition to the two configurations of ISOFIX support legs, the safety seat with anti-flip plate design is a bonus!

Taking Babyfirst, which I have repurchased twice, as an example, the anti-flip plate + ISOFIX + supporting legs form a golden triangle stabilizing system. Everyone knows that triangles are stable. Many brands may have ISOFIX support legs, but not many also have anti-flip panels, so please pay more attention when purchasing.

So this installation method is firm and stable, and can significantly reduce the shaking feeling. In the event of a collision, the problem of seat flipping can be avoided to the greatest extent! Keep your children safe. You can also view at Amazon discount code NHS

Safety is the prerequisite, and sleeping comfortably is the new standard for purchasing

Children’s Day is coming soon, and I chose Babyfirst’s new 2022 Lingyue Pro seat for my friend’s child. It has been very windy recently, and my friends around me have bought a lot of them.

I mentioned before that I also bought an old model for Duoduo. As for why we like the Babyfirst brand so much, there are several main reasons for your reference:

National brand, quality assurance

When I first came into contact with Babyfirst, I had an in-depth understanding of this brand. It is well-deserved as the big brother of safety seats.

20 years ago, the founder introduced the concept of safe and comfortable seat to China from Europe.

As a benchmark brand for child safety seats in China, it continues to lead the industry’s standards and innovations. It is the developer of domestic 3C standards and the compiler of smart safety seats and in-flight child restraint devices (ACRD) standards.

As one of the few full-industry chain companies in the domestic child safety seat industry, it has comprehensive and strong product research and development capabilities and attaches great importance to product research and development investment.

As a Domestic Independent Brand, its product prices are the first to break through the 3K price range, forming the main sales force in the 2K range, occupying the domestic market with mid-to-high-end positioning.

Their products are professional, innovative, high-quality and beautiful. Basically, the mainstream products on sale have won top international product design awards such as the German Red Dot Award, the German IF Award, and the American IDEA Design Award. It can be said that it is the pride of domestic safety seats!

In addition, Babyfirst is a friendly strategic partner of Huawei and 30+ domestic mainstream car brands;

Recently, we have also cooperated with Huawei Hongmeng Smart Connect. I see that one of the Hongmeng Smart Connect safety seats, REX Yaozhi, has been launched on Huawei Vmall! Join forces to provide smart travel solutions for new generation parents.

Recently, Babyfirst teamed up with 10 experts in 5 major fields of Lilac Doctor to jointly focus on the sleep health of infants and young children in the car, and innovatively proposed Airsoft™sleep sleep technology to define a new standard for safe and comfortable seat;

Having been deeply involved in a category for so many years and continuously upgrading safe and comfortable seat standards, in my eyes this dedicated and attentive brand can be called the light of domestic products!

Safety performance is beyond doubt

Sometimes I see those Internet celebrity safe and comfortable seat that cost several hundred yuan. You must know that you get what you pay for. A seat worth several hundred yuan is simply a disregard for the safety of children’s lives.

I hope that through reading, everyone can have the ability to judge the pros and cons of safe and comfortable seat. Buyers also check at eBay discount code NHS

1) Original stress experiment based on the physiological structure of Chinese babies

The Babyfirst team has years of research and development and specializes in the physiological structure of Chinese babies. It has created an original CAE stress experiment to simulate the stress state of the Q0 dummy sitting and lying down, and developed a new type of spine-protecting cushion. This cushion is the first cushion in the industry so far to feature zoned spine protection function, which is more scientific.

2) Passed the latest international i-Size certification (certified for all categories of 0-7 years old)

Take the latest Lingyue Pro, for example, which has obtained both the national 3C certification and the European standard i-Size certification (certification for all categories of 0-7 years old).

Let me introduce the i-Size certification to you:

The standard before i-Size was ECE R44 certification. With the advancement of technology and continuous feedback from applications, researchers found that the old standard had many limitations, so a new set of regulations was developed that is more in line with new needs and higher safety standards i- Size certification (ie ECE R129 certification) came into being!

What are the advantages of i-Size certification over ECE R44 certification?

Extended reverse use:

Infants and young children under 105 cm tall ride in the opposite direction; infants and young children under 15 months old ride in the opposite direction.

Added side protection and side impact testing:

Added head injury index and head synthetic acceleration; neck injury evaluation index.

Using the new generation Q series dummies:

From human body size, human body simulation, to motion mechanics, the dummy is closer to the real-world child and can detect more injury indicators.

Simplify installation and increase convenience:

Encourage the ISOFIX installation method to allow parents to reduce the error rate during installation.


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