Elevate Your aesthetics with Ear Reshaping Surgery in Riyadh

Elevate Your aesthetics with Ear Reshaping Surgery in Riyadh

Our ears are a significant feature of our personality. The size and shape of the ear can meaningfully impact the overall Facial Harmony and Balance. The person who is experiencing an outward or protruding ear or any natural shaping defect leads to drops in their abilities and assurance.

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we have a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures for those who are looking for something special to address ear reshaping with a simple technique of correction, modification, and alteration. Visit us to Elevate your aesthetics with Ear-reshaping surgery in Riyadh and get a better version of yourself.

Ear reshaping surgery:

Ear reshaping surgery (جراحة عادة تشكيل الأذن في الرياض)is also known as octoplasty which is a cosmetic procedure. The procedure is usually to change the shape, size and appearance of the ear. The expert tries to restore the shape of the ear without any miscalculation because any flaw or irregularity in shape makes you psychologically disturbed and drains your confidence. The ear reshaping mainly focused on the misshaped ear lobes, oversized ears, small squeezed ears and congenital abnormality.

Type of ear reshaping surgery:

There are three main types of ear reshaping surgery which are released below:

  • Ear pinning
  • Ear reduction
  • Eart augmentation

Ear pinning:

The widespread methodology of ear reshaping is ear pinning. In this method, the surgeon bends the shape toward the side of the head and makes the ear less visible and stable the cartilage.

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Ear Reduction:

As the name of the process, the ear reshaping procedure is for the person who has an oversized prominent ear. so, this method suits you. In this process, the surgeon cuts the smaller part of the tissue and reshapes the ear into normal size.

Ear augmentation:

Sometimes naturally the shape of the ear is not normal. It may be smaller in size, haven’t properly developed, or curved development. The purpose of ear augmentation is to increase the portion of the ear, reset the shape and make an effective and worthwhile change.

Competent candidates:

The competent candidates for ear reshaping surgery are noted down:

  • The individual who have larger or smaller ears than average
  • The one whose Ears are too prominent and outward from the sides of the head
  • If you have ear loop issues and natural folds and creases are missing
  • The children born with naturally folded ears are unable to go through the surgical procedure till 5 years old
  • The candidate who has accidentally cut the ear or without earlobes
  • Healthy people without any chronic ear infection

Preparation for Ear Reshaping surgery:

Firstly, prepare yourself for the treatment and have an initial consultation with the doctor to discuss everything. following are a few preparations for surgery:

  • Get all the tests and evaluations before the start of the surgical procedure 
  • Try to quit smoking and also avoid aspirin intake.
  • All those medicines or herbal products which can increase the blood flow should be stopped.
  • Discuss the beneficial occurrences, and clear all the doubts stuck in your mind.
  • Limiting the amount of sugar and alcoholic beverages in your diet
  • Fasting before the night of surgery


An Ear reshaping surgery is an intensive care procedure. The steps of surgery are mentioned below:

  • General anaesthesia is injected at the start of surgery which makes the whole surgery painless
  • Also, apply a numbing cream on the treated area after cleaning it.
  • Make an incision at the back of the ear to change the cartilage shape in most of the reshaping processes
  • Fix the reconstructed area and add or remove the tissues without damaging the nerves
  • Close the incision with stitches and cover the ear properly with bandages
  • 24 hours are needed in intense care for observation, the bandage is not removed for several weeks and the instructions for postcare are given.
  • The stitches are removed after 8 to 10 days of surgery and aftercare is advised and follow-ups for any concern

Aftercare Instructions:

Aftercare is important to get a favourable outcome the instructions given by the surgeons must be followed which are:

  • Try to wear loose and comfy clothes without disturbing the ear
  • Eat healthy and well-balanced food to recover fast
  • Drink plenty of water and add vitamin C to your diet
  • Take vitamin E and B-complex supplements
  • Avoid taking baths for a few days or touching the area with your hands
  • Avoid any intense activity like running, swimming or exercise for a few weeks
  • Take care of the incision otherwise the risk of infection will be increased
  • A little redness and swelling are at the peak for 3 to 4 days which fade out shortly
  • Don’t smoke, It reduces the blood flow and disturbs the healing procedure


Recovery time is a bit longer process in this type of Surgical Procedure. the bandage is removed after a week and then takes a few weeks to completely recover the incision.it is strictly advised by the doctor to do a bandage for 10 days especially at night to prevent the ear from bending.

The downtime is about a week till than you are not able to do any hard work and to recover fron pain take the advised medication.

Most observed positive impacts:

  • surgical treatments are productive, husky and more powerful 
  • Not painful and very short recovery time with permanent outcomes
  • Best to achieve the desirable goal and regain the lost confidence
  • Noticeable reshaping the imperfection and irregularities
  • Less risk involve and special personalised plans
  • Achieve the perfect shape and satisfactory ideal state

Risk and complaints:

  • Damage to the nerves and tissue
  • Painful especially on the treated region for a few weeks
  • bruising, redness and swelling observed
  • Change the colour to red, dark brown and purple
  • Higher the risk of infection in the case of a little reckless
  • Challenging decisions to get desirable results
  • Permanent results are not reversible in the case of any slip-up

Price of Ear Reshaping surgery:

Ear reshaping surgery is slightly more expensive than other surgical methods. but the actual price depends on so many factors which are:

  • The technique for the surgery used for reshaping the ear area.
  • The qualification of expert, their experience and trained staff
  • The region or area where the clinic is located impacts the price
  • Anaesthesia price, anaesthetist and their service higher the cost of the procedure
  • Reputation and client satisfaction rates are also essential parts of treatment as it involves advanced technology and team expertise

Why should you choose us?

Enfield Royal Clinic, Riyadh offers extraordinary expert professionals, a highly trained team and advanced technology at affordable prices in a specified environment. We treated on cause according to preference and skin need. Our cosmetic surgery clinic عمليات التجميل في الرياض) has flexible and convenient clinical hours to educate patients about risks and make better health decisions using a natural approach for the majority of treatments.

For a favourable outcome about Ear reshaping surgery choose us because our experts have practised the treatment for years. The practitioners try to be painless throughout the surgery according to the patient’s objectives.

Book an appointment:

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