Composite veneers provide a fast and affordable smile makeover solution. At Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic, we have helped patients transform their smile with high-quality composite veneers for over 10 years. If you’re curious to learn whether composites could be the right choice for enhancing your smile’s appearance, read our complete guide on composite veneers below.

What Are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers, sometimes termed ‘direct composite bonding’, are thin shells made of plastic resin and other compounds engineered to cover the visible portion of your tooth. They bond directly to the tooth’s surface and are crafted to mimic the shape and shade of natural teeth. Composites restore worn enamel, conceal stains or discolouration and correct minor chips, gaps and misalignments.

Composite Veneer Pros

Composite Veneer Cons


Composite Veneer Procedure & Process

At your first appointment, we match the composite shade to surrounding teeth to attain a uniform appearance. Anaesthetic gel numbs treatment areas if sensitivity is a concern. We roughen the teeth’s surface to boost bonding capacity before shaping and curing custom composite veneers directly onto teeth with specialised light technology.

We carefully craft composites with an enamel-like texture for a smooth, lustrous finish. Most patients complete their smile transformation journey in just one or two visits total. Routine dental visits with professional cleanings help maintained your enhanced smile for as long as possible before replacement is warranted.

How Much Do Composite Veneers Cost in the UK?

Many variables like the teeth involved and specifics of what needs treatment make cost fluctuate. Still, fees fall quite a bit below the average £500-£1,100 per porcelain veneer price range. Opting for composites to revitalise your smile is an excellent balance of affordability and dramatic improvement for satisfactory outcomes.

Expect a full set of composites for top and bottom arches spanning 14 or more teeth to range from £2,500 up to £5,000 or more. Considering these direct veneers last 5 years or longer with proper care, this cost distributed over time makes them a reasonable investment that avoids the sizable bills accompanying alternative options.


Alternatives to Composite Veneers

While composite veneers suffice for many patients seeking subtle changes, others wish to address extensively damaged, worn or crooked teeth requiring stricter corrective measures composite material can’t provide. Common alternatives include:

Found this overview on composite veneers helpful? Contact Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic to further discuss which smile enhancement option might be your best match. Take advantage of our competitive composite veneer pricing and convenient payment plans too!

When Are Composite Veneers a Good Option?

Composites work well for minor imperfections affecting one or just a few teeth. They can enhance smiles marred by:


When to Consider Composite Veneers

There are a few specific circumstances where composite veneers offer an appealing aesthetic solution:

Found this complete guide on composite veneers helpful? Contact our veneers experts at Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic to further discuss which smile enhancement option might be the right fit for your needs and goals. We offer competitive composite veneer price in the UK along with convenient payment plans too!

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