In the midst of the rush of modern life, nutrition is hardly being given attention to. Although pre-cooked foods are a convenient option for the busy folks out there, it can have a high health price attached to it. Certainly these products claim to be the best solution for time saving, but in fact they contain high levels of preservatives, sodium, and unhealthy fats which can raise such health issues as obesity, Heart Disease And Diabetes. We’ll deal with five categories of pre-cooked foods that you better avoid for a better nutrition level. 

Say No to Pre-Packaged Frozen Dinners: 

For those with busy schedules and no time to cook, frozen dinners is a fairly easy access solution. While the convenience of these pre-packaged meals is undeniable, they are also usually high in sodium, saturated fats and artificial additives which in turn, negatively affect your health. In the quest for healthier meal options, it is time to say no to pre-packaged frozen dinners from the Open Fridge of stores since they contain unhealthy ingredients and preservative chemicals. On top of that, portion sizes might be smaller in fast food restaurants, you may end up eating several portions that have plenty of unhealthy ingredients in one sitting, hence more consumption of unhealthy ingredients overall

The Dangers of Frozen Pizza:

Frozen pizza is just what many family homes look for, a fast and easy dinner. Despite their ease and convenience, most ready-made pies are made using unhealthy ingredients such as refined flour, processed meat, excess amount of salt and saturated fats. Though many people relish its taste, regular consumption of frozen pizza will make your weight increase, blood pressure become elevated and develop other health problems. The place of the frozen aisle may be replaced by making your own pizza using whole grain crust, fresh vegetables and lean protein sources for the healthier choice.

The Hidden Risks of Packaged Instant Noodles: 

Instant noodles indeed have an edge because they are fast and economical, which makes them great quick meals for college students and people in a rush. Yet, at the same time, these readily available packets pose dangerous risks. Instant noodles, for the most part, are heavily processed and have high sodium, artificial flavors, and additives content. Instant noodles eaten frequently have been shown to increase weight gain, metabolic disorders, and heart disease risk. 

The Truth About Pre-Packaged Microwave Popcorn: 

Microwave popcorn has become an easy choice for most people to watch a movie or fill their afternoon hunger pangs. On the other hand, the common kind of these products found in stores can include artificial flavorings, preservatives and even trans-fats. Furthermore, the inner coating of the microwave popcorn bags could be made from toxic substances that might go into popcorn during heating. The chemicals have been associated with the number of health problems such as reproductive ones and cancer. 

Beware of Pre-Made Salad Dressings: 

Pre-mixed salad dressings are not difficult to utilize and they improve our plate of mixed greens however they contain a ton of sugar, hydrogenated oils, and counterfeit flavors. Hand crafted dressings made with solid oils, vinegar and new spices are a greatly improved elective than the handled dressings sold in stores that can take a serving of mixed greens that ought to be a quality feast and transform it into a calorie bomb. As opposed to utilizing business dressings, become free and simply make your own utilizing essential fixings like olive oil, vinegar, spices and flavors. 


We can see that pre-cooked foods can offer us convenience but they are opposite in Terms of Dietary Quality that is sacrificed for food’s shelf stability and prolonged freshness. Those pre-cooked foods should not be in your diet since the best nutrition is in fresh whole ingredients that will support your health from the inside out. Make sure labels are carefully read, prepare as much as possible at home and choose those alternatives that are right for you. In less than 30 minutes you can prepare wholesome and nutritious meals that will feed and sustain your bodily vigor.

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