Clove oil is usually used in the case of inflammation in the mouth and throat.

The eugenol kills the Germs and Bacteria. Only a few minutes are needed before the essential clove oil fights against the fungi and germs and thus counteract the inflammation.

Even at the thrush, which can reach into the gastrointestinal tract and lead to other serious cases, clove oil is a helpful remedy.

Moreover, eugenol is even very effective against staph and salmonella.

Of course, it can also be used preventively and can thus act against sore throats, oral mucosal inflammation, stomatitis, and inflammation of the gums.


How to use Clove Oil



To treat toothache with clove oil, tinctures that are available in pharmacies or online shops are suitable, as well as dried carnations or oil, chaktty said.

For example, the clove can be chewed to combat the toothache. After all, toothaches usually occur on weekends.

If you like to visit the emergency dentist that you don’t know about, you can still take the clove oil So the dentist’s appointment can be bridged and the pain is alleviated.

Furthermore, a whole carnation can be slightly rubbed on the tooth that hurts.

Whenever the pain reoccurs, the clove should be squeezed a little bit and gradually the analgesic and numbing nutrient can heal.

Another help is to leave the chewed carnation on the aching tooth so that the active ingredient can continue to spread and thus numb the body.

It is also possible to use pure oil. Here, however, a drop of oil on a cotton swab, which was previously moistened with water should be given to reach the aching tooth.

Thus, the oil is diluted and the risk of irritating the mucous membranes is reduced.

Caution: Pregnant women should not Use Clove oil in any way. It is not harmful, but it can cause contractions, according to sexpally.


Inflammation in mouth

Inflammation in the mouth and throat area can also be treated very well with clove oil.

A very good way to treat the inflammation is to dissolve some drops of oil in a glass of water.

Now the oral cavity should be rinsed well for a minute. Even with Paradontitis, clove-oil can play its antibacterial effect and thus combat it in a sustainable way.

Comparing chlorhexidine with clove oil, the oil is equally effective with the advantage that it does not burden your body.


Anti mosquito

The use of clove oil as an anti-mosquito fragrance is becoming more and more popular because it’s not really nice if you want to sit outside in the evening, during the summer and the mosquitoes start falling on you every now and then.

However, since mosquitoes have a very sensitive sense of smell, clove-oil can provide very good services.

An effective anti-mosquito fragrance is thus quickly produced by itself.

This requires about 100 ml of oil, cloves, oranges or lemons, cotton balls, and small bowls.

The cotton balls are now soaked with the clove oil and placed in the bowls.

Mosquito bites or even Small Inflammations on the skin can also be treated very well with clove-oil, healthpally care.

The oil can be applied to the affected area and can also be repeated if necessary.

In a short time, the pain is alleviated and the inflammation can also heal faster.

It is important, however, that when buying oil, ensure that it is high-quality clove oil, especially when it is applied directly to the skin.

This can be recognized by a certification as well as by a test seal.

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