What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a fast, non-invasive cosmetic Dental Treatment that can fix discolored, chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth. The dentist puts a tooth-colored filling material right on your teeth. They shape it to make your teeth look better. The dentist uses a special bright light to harden the material in place. Composite bonding doesn’t remove much of your natural tooth, unlike veneers or crowns. You get results in one quick dentist visit. It’s an affordable way to improve your smile and make your teeth look perfect.

In contradistinction to dental veneers, which necessitate odontic contouring, composite bonding preserves increased natural dental anatomy. Outcomes are expeditious, engendered at the inaugural dental appointment without delay. It constitutes an optimal and economical methodology to ameliorate one’s smile and render teeth aesthetically flawless.

The Advantages of Composite Bonding:

Here are some key benefits composite bonding offers:

Composite Bonding Expenditures in London

Composite bonding prices procedures in London can fluctuate between £150 to £500 per individual tooth, contingent upon the dental practice. At 1A Orthodontics, our composite bonding fees initiate at a mere £199 per tooth. This renders augmenting one’s smile with composites economically feasible.

We use high-quality composites and our dentists have advanced bonding training, so you get exceptional durability and aesthetics without premium prices. Our volume discounts can reduce costs further when treating multiple teeth.

Composite Bonding London Prices

Here are some typical composite bonding prices in London for common cosmetic uses:

Our affordable pricing makes achieving a bright, flawless smile possible without the higher costs of veneers or crowns. We offer free consultations to provide an exact quote for your bonding treatment plan.

Teeth Bonding Cost London

For minor repairs on a single tooth, expect a composite bonding cost in London of £150 to £300. More extensive bonding for a smile makeover on 6-8 teeth generally ranges from £600 to £900. The price increases with more teeth being reshaped or contoured.

As an example, reshaping two jagged front teeth with bonding costs approximately £400 to £500. Completely recontouring 4 teeth costs £600 to £800. The price includes all bonding materials, shaping, sculpting, curing, and polishing to an ultra-smooth finish.

Dental Bonding Cost London

In general, dental bonding costs in London range from £200 to £600 per tooth depending on the size of imperfection being repaired and artistic skill involved. At 1A Orthodontics, our standard per-tooth bonding fee is an affordable £199, providing you cosmetic enhancement at a fraction of the cost of other options.

Cheap Composite Bonding London

While fees for London composite bonding vary widely, 1A Orthodontics offers affordable quality bonding using top-grade materials. Our dental bonding costs start from just £199 per tooth with volume discounts available.

We don’t cut corners or use inferior products. Our dentists have advanced training in enamel sculpting and bonding artistry. This allows us to provide cheap composite bonding London prices without sacrificing aesthetics or longevity.

Affordable Financing and Consultations

We offer options to help make composite bonding more affordable through financing and complimentary consultations.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

Financing through companies like CareCredit allows you to spread composite bonding payments over time interest-free. Qualifying for a plan means you can move forward with bonding treatment for a low monthly cost. This makes enhancing your smile more budget-friendly.

CareCredit offers 6, 12, 18, and 24 month payment plans depending on your needs and approved credit amount. The flexibility makes cosmetic dental work accessible at an affordable rate rather than one lump payment.


If you want to improve your smile without the high price tag, composite bonding London provides an affordable cosmetic dentistry solution. Here at 1A Orthodontics, our London composite bonding costs start from only £199 per tooth. We use premium materials for a flawless natural appearance that lasts. Emphasize that composite bonding costs a fraction compared to veneers or crowns, making cosmetic enhancement affordable. Suggest readers schedule a no-obligation initial appointment to discuss their candidacy and see bonding samples.

To learn more about how dental bonding can enhance your smile at a budget-friendly price, contact 1A Orthodontics in Wandsworth, London today to schedule a free consultation. Our team looks forward to welcoming you!

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